It is quite clear that unconstitutional tax increases have been created, not to mention created behind closed doors that Californians did not vote for. It has upset many Californians. The first actions I will take as your Californian Governor is auditing California’s State government and repeal tax increases immediately. I wish for Californians to keep their hard earned money, all of it. The State of California makes over $300 trillion dollars. Where is that money? How is California in such debt? There is no excuse why California’s money has been and is being mismanaged. I will save California billions of dollars by auditing the California State government; cutting useless spending and programs, repealing unconstitutional laws along with tax increases and appropriately budget and route funds to where they are supposed to go.

Pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, the federal government cannot own land in California other than a few ports and forts. The land that they do have in California I will charge the federal government rent and past rent. This will make California wealthy, however, when they refuse I will strategically acquire these lands and either make them state property or sell them to private individuals for state revenue. Lands that has been taken from ranchers will be returned.

Additionally, I will cut six digit salaries of government servants. No servant should be paid more than $70,000 annually. Their job is to serve the people not take all their money. This will also save California money and it can be properly allocated. I will cut income tax for the individual and business and increase sales tax to approximately 12%. This is fair to all, check out the benefits of I will work to make business licenses more affordable, quicker to gain and make the system easier for people to do business with the State of California. Our California government will have an open door and open book policy where Californians’ voices will be heard.