Most of California’s school systems are broken; teachers are paid way too less, teachers are paying for school supplies with their own money for their students, some teachers go to work and just sit on their backside and don’t even teach. This atrocity is just the tip of the iceberg that is wrong with our education system (not to mention the $11 million that was just taken from our education budget to fund education for illegal immigrants). This is not beneficial to our society, our children, our teachers, and our students. This must change. I will work diligently to get budget more money for school programs and give teacher’s raises and better benefits, fire the worthless ones and most of all hold teachers, faculty and school districts accountable. I wish to increase educational subjects, provide practical applications and most importantly, pursuant to the California State Constitution, make education better!!! It is imperative that our schools educate everything they can to our students because our students are our future. California needs to budget more money to schools and their programs to supply them with the tools necessary for our students to be efficient learners. I will also work to create a new program to reduce student debt, and offer more scholarships to financially assist Californians. Health offices at schools should be implemented and given proper medical training for our students so they will be healthy learners.