As California Governor I will work diligently to repeal farming laws that tie farmers’ and ranchers’ hands behind their backs that make their jobs harder to provide food and education for Californians. I will deport Monsanto and work with farmers to create more organic and sustainable seeds, plants etc. I will absolutely abolish the Delta Tunnels Project and re-appropriate the money to California’s dams, reservoirs, levees, fish hatcheries and other infrastructures where the money should have been going in the first place. I will create programs where incentives will be granted to communities who wish to grow their own food for the people in their communities. I will create additional grants to help farmers and ranchers purchase the necessary equipment and or animals that they need to be successful.

Approximately 85% of the food grown in California gets sold out of state. I will work to change that and keep healthier food here in California to help feed the California population of approximately 36.4 million. Farmers and ranchers are California’s backbone to living and they deserve the People’s support. It is also imperative that we strengthen agriculture in our schools and communities. It’s pretty sad that most kids, these days, don’t even know how to plant a plant let alone be scared of getting dirty. Let’s make California farming great again!