Because of the lack of government accountability and oversight, each department in the State of California is a mess; California is rated poorly and more burdens and problems have been placed on citizens. When you contact a department (for example: DMV or the court system) you get put through a phone tree and eventually you are hung up on or you give up; people have a very hard time resolving their issues and the irony is the state will happily accept your money. This is outrageous! People need to be retrained and/or held accountable or fired. We need more competent leaders in office and working for Californian citizens. As Governor I will cut my salary and others to a more reasonable salary to save the state money and give raises to government servants that are making less than $40,000 annually. The structure of the state needs to be reformed so that we have a better working and healthy government. I will also cut unconstitutional programs where money is being diverted and put into the pockets of politicians like the ridiculous High Speed Rail, Delta Tunnels, illegal alien education, hiring attorneys to fight our U.S. President, illegal immigration health care, planned parenthood, and will reform welfare. Hard working Californians shouldn’t be paying for everything and nobody should receive a free ride!