Besides the U.S. Constitution, the California State Constitution is the supreme law of the State of California. For years the California State Constitution has been and currently being violated by many. I will work diligently to reinforce our Constitution(s), provide better education about it. Many unconstitutional laws have been created in the past century that I will audit and repeal, especially unconstitutional and bogus tax increases. My goal is to eliminate taxes, there are many other ways the State can make money!

Our state military, law enforcement, first responders, fire fighters, forest services and other departments deserve the top of the line equipment so that they may engage in their jobs effectively and efficiently to the fullest. I wish to increase California State jobs, pursuant to the constitution, with better benefits so that more people will be more engaged in their government, politics and law. The law shall be retaught in schools and better training in our police academies. Our current phone tree is horrendous and needs to be improved (like the DMV). Californians should have quicker and better access of governmental departments to take care of their business.