Other Positions on CA Issues

Family Court

When two people contract with each other in a relationship and have a falling out, it is not the government’s job to intervene and divide up assets, children and other family members. For years Family Court has violated the Powers of Separation Act, peoples’ civil rights, and engaged in prohibited activities such as fraud, money laundering, illegal contracting, trespassing and more against the citizens of California. As Governor, I will abolish the ‘quasi’ Family Court Division to the point where there will be public officers available if a child is in danger. No more hearings or trials, people will split everything 50/50. Marriages will no longer be contracted with local/state governments. Divorces will be settled between the individuals as responsible adults. An application for divorce may be filed for a small administration fee but there will not be a divorce fee. Child support and alimony is racketeering, pursuant to the federal law definition, and will be declared illegal and ‘reinstated’ as such. You may research how the family division works in the Netherlands, they’re doing it right. Also see the Documentary DivorceCorp.


Traffic Court 

The California Vehicle Codes (Act) were created to catch bank robbers in the early 1900’s – 1925. ‘Bad guys’ were building faster automobiles and police officers could not catch them. Since 1935, the California Legislature has abused and over stepped their power of authority in violating the people’s right to travel in their privately owned automobiles on the public roadways. The California Vehicle Codes only pertain to people operating in a commercial capacity. As Governor, I will reform Traffic Court and educate the citizens in Traffic Law. People operating in a commercial capacity will be held accountable to the vehicle codes. Registration will still be mandatory for privately owned automobiles; however, there will no longer be a registration fee. Additionally, people driving in a bad behavior (infraction/misdemeanor) will be subject to community service and driving classes.


Prisons & Prisoners

Private Prisons are prohibited by law and will be turned into government operated prisons. As Governor I will establish Rehabilitation & Reintegration programs that will be offered to prisoners to get their life back together. An audit will be conducted to release prisoners for noncriminal offenses. Criminals will have less access to the outside world and assets; after all they are there for punishment. I will bring back the death penalty also.



Healthcare is a big topic lately, especially with so many people that have ailments including haphazard ailments such as accidents. I believe everyone should be able to receive medical attention when they need it and that it is affordable. Unfortunately, healthcare is not covered in the California Constitution, therefore, making it unconstitutional. However, because the State of California is a business entity, the government has the authority to open up its own hospitals. As governor I will offer two options to the legal citizens of California for an immediate vote;

Option 1. The State of California will opt out of anything that has to do with healthcare. This will force private practices and insurance companies to drop their rates making the free market more competitive. (Give or take).

Option 2. The State of California will open in/out patient hospitals, 1 in each district throughout California. The concept would be similar to the Veterans Administration hospitals (but better). More competent people would be operating these facilities. Remember: this will be paid for by your tax dollars. Additionally, the nurses and doctors will be hired from newly graduated people as well as military medical personnel. The prices will be fixed, low and affordable. This is not intended to be a cash cow for the State but rather a medical facility for people to pay for their medical needs. If people cannot pay the full amount upfront, they can make payments. Insurance companies will not be involved. The State hospitals will utilize outside contracts for laboratories, paternity testing, etc. to reduce costs for the people. More organic treatments and medicines will be offered for illnesses also, as it is a better way of life and reduces costs. The goal is to bring back common sense to medical practices while diverting from big pharma companies.

Over the next 6 months I will put together a more comprehensive plan with a budget to give the people a better idea of what it would look like.


Gun Rights

Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Nobody has the right to trespass against another. Pursuant to the California Contract Codes and Property Law, the people have the right to carry guns. As governor, I will repeal all unconstitutional laws and make laws that allow legal Californian citizens the right to carry and conceal. Like having a driver’s license to drive a car, anyone who wishes to carry will go through a Gun Safety Course and Hunters Safety Course. People under the age of 18 (you must be an adult) will not be allowed to freely carry. It is not the gun that kills a person but the person with willful intent behind the gun. Statistics show, on an annual basis, more people die from automobiles than guns. Guns are a part of our heritage, history and freedom. Gun safety classes will be taught in public schools also.


Programs, Commissions, Boards and Panels etc.

Most government spending is done through these Programs, Commissions, Boards and Panels etc. Most of these are unconstitutional, fraudulent, money laundering, racketeering and more. They fill politician’s pockets while people sleep on the streets. I will devote a team to audit all of these and cut a majority of this useless spending. I will announce in the near future what Programs, Commissions, Boards and Panels etc. as this is a delicate matter. I’m sure many crooked politicians and government servants will not be happy when they find out they will no longer be defrauding the citizens of California.


I am pro medical cannabis/cannabis oil because I have seen it work first hand in curing cancer, treating M.S., Post-Traumatic Stress, body pains and many other ailments. The tax on cannabis could definitely help the State and off set many of the States expenditures and revenues. The federal government has a patent on cannabis, cocaine and LSD. They will no longer be allowed to search people’s properties without the states permission for cannabis farms. Additionally, cannabis will become fully legal as it is the same concept as owning a firearm. This will hugely negatively disrupt drug running and the drug industry. However, consequences for operating machinery, including automobiles will intoxicated will be severe. Cannabis will only be allowed to be sold from growers to dispensaries, not person to person.