Everyone has something that they value but Joshua Laine values people and the great state of California. California is rich in history from the gold rush all the way beautiful sceneries at Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay, Mount Shasta, Sonoma & Livermore Valley’s, Mt. Whitney to the San Diego Beaches but the cherry on the pie that truly makes California beautiful is its citizens that care; from our first responders to our forest services, from our teachers to our neighbors, from our athletes to our farmers and ranchers. Being born and raised in California, Joshua Laine is dedicated to preserving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the people of California so that their families may live free and safe. Joshua Laine cares about the economic growth, the economic wealth, public safety, less government and more freedom.

Christian, Joshua Laine is a down to earth simple guy who’s passions is loving God, family, rodeo, farming, fishing, hunting, dirt bike riding, animals, manners, respecting others, helping others, knowing his neighbors, giving something back to society, friends, hiking, camping, boating, painting, law and sports.

The People of California can trust Joshua Laine because he is someone who is from the realm outside of politics that is an honorable U.S. Marine. Joshua Laine has served his country and now he wants to serve Californian Citizens to make California great again. Joshua Laine has much in common with the ‘lower class’ and doesn’t have time for being politically correct; although professional, the people of California need help and Joshua Laine is ready to clean house and restore California’s values, manners, law, respect, safety and most of all less government control.